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Property Acquisition

2100v publications are considered the very best in their respective markets. The highest traffic, longest retention rate, highest number of return readers, highest click-through rate (conversion of browsers into inquiries), greatest number of top search positions (#1-#5) for critical search terms.

All these category "bests" position 2100v publications as the most sought-after portals for market access by companies entering these critical markets. Offering instant top-level access to the key strategic technology markets with built-in traffic, lead-generation, media partnerships and industry relationships, 2100v New Media has introduced the concept of "Market Access Vehicles" to the new paradigm in internet marketing.

Our technology portals are made available for acquisition within critical time-windows within their respective markets. In every emerging technology there is a window of time in which access to that market represents the lion's share of revenue potential in B2B transactions. Gaining instant high-level access to this market within that window means business. Real business. Overwhelming business. That's our business. Market Access Vehicles.

In 2002 2100v New Media launched VoIP NEWS, an internet publication dedicated to Voice over IP technology. Within one year VoIP NEWS became the most visited VoIP-related site on the internet. By 2005, the VoIP market reached a feverous pitch and was considered the most significant technology market of the next 2 years and the technology responsible for the return of the "internet economy". In September 2005, with funding from Battery Ventures of Silicon Valley, VoIP NEWS was acquired by Tippit, Inc.

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