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The internet has shifted the paradigm of access in the world today. Access to information.... access to markets.... access to buyers and decision-cycles. Access to strategic business on the internet today is enabled by one idea... one word... one concept... PERMISSION.

As we consider this fundamental movement from the INTRUSION marketing methods of the 20th century to the PERMISSION marketing methods of the 21st century it is important to recognize that new rules apply. Getting to know the new rules of engagement in marketing is the worthwhile study of today's innovators and the formula for success in the 21st century marketplace and economy.

2100v New Media is such an innovator. Established in the year 2000 during the peak of the ecommerce correction, 2100v was created to study and deploy methods for "permission-based" marketing in the 21st Century. Forged from the fires of the "internet economy" of the late 1990's, 2100v has focused on the essential elements of the internet that work. One such focus is "Organic Search", (core, or NON-PAID search returns on Google and other search engines). Another such focus is the B2B marketplace.

2100v accesses the intersection of B2B and Organic Search by specializing in building "portals" or online publications for emerging technologies. The use of Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to build traffic ensures that the readership of our publications are highly qualified, highly motivated and within "current buy-cycles". The most interested and relevant readership possible.

2100v publications are recognized leaders in their respective markets. VoIP, IPTV, WiMAX, Nanotechnology, RFID and many other technologies are the focus of 2100v New Media publications. Acquisition of 2100v publications is the end-game of our business model. 2100v is an innovator with core skills in identifying significant new technologies with healthy B2B transaction layers, deploying websites to access those markets and offering our properties for acquisition within strategic time-windows in those markets.

In late 2005, VoIP NEWS, 2100v's flagship publication was acquired by Tippit, Inc. with funding from Battery Ventures. At time of acquisition, VoIP NEWS was considered the top B2B publication on Voice over IP technology. Today, VoIP NEWS is still the top publication in VoIP technology and provides its new owners consistent access to the VoIP market.

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